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Welcome to Santé Water offering you...... better solutions for living!
  • Santé Energy Water, developed in 1995, restores lifeless water to a pristine, revitalized element. Water has the ability to keep the body healthy and Santé Water is the water you need to drink. Understand the Bovis or Bio-Angstrom Scale and download FREE pdf to learn about the rhythmic power of water.
  • Santé Water products are energized through a natural process of taking highly charged positive information contained in a single moisture source and transferring this energy from one source to another.  It is not done with electronics, magnets, crystals, words or any other method.  We call this energizing process “all natural” because it is a 100% natural transfer of positive earth energy.  It is as simple as that and you can energize your water and beverages yourself!
  • Introducing memon® Transformers.  The memon® Cellphone and memon® Auto Transformers elminate the harmful interference factors from High Frequency and Electromagnetic Pollution. 

At home, in the office or on the road you can harmonize your life with the Santé Water and Santé Energy products and use Memon® Transformers to reduce exposure to electro-pollution.

Visit our Online Store. Don’t wait get started today!  See our Exclusive 4 pk offer SANTE ENERGY WATER.

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